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Toddler Class


Our Toddler program provides a safe, loving, nurturing environment that allows the children to explore, discover, and develop many skills. We encourage skills that help with independence, social awareness, and respect for others and the environment.

The loving, trained, toddler teachers give individual lessons, small group lessons, and whole class-circle time lessons. Music, songs, and movement are a daily part of the curriculum. Toilet training is also a daily lesson, learned quickly as part of the children's activities.

In this "Toddler environment," curiosity is encouraged as the teacher observes, follows, demonstrates, and allows the children to choose, manipulate materials and move freely in an organized classroom explicitly designed for this age group.

Our teachers reinforce speech and language skills by speaking clearly and supporting the child's expanding vocabulary throughout the day. We also use a method called "Visual Phonics," which supports their language development and is preparatory for reading.

Gross Motor Skills are developed through activities such as; dancing, walking up and down a ramp, up and down stairs, jumping on a mini tramp and cross-pattern exercises, (such as creeping and crawling) we tailor these activities specifically to help organize neurological development and organization.

Practical Life Activities such as polishing, scooping, folding, washing, transferring, sweeping, poring, buttoning, zipping, hooking, and Velcro. Develop hand-eye coordination and excellent motor skills. These foster intellectual development and teach self-mastery and build self-esteem.

Maria Montessori's analogy: "It's not productive to let a child use a violin as a hammer… Let's teach them the basics of how to play it, so they can start to master it." We value the child, see their great potential and provide a safe and loving environment where they can learn those "basics", discover and gain skills that help them to "master concepts," thus building their self-esteem, character, respect for others and the environment and foster emotional and spiritual well being in each child.





 Optional Early Morning session for working parents (extra cost) 


Before school, supervised free time 


Circle Time’–songs, visual phonics, group lessons (things like calendar, Pledge of Allegiance, etc.


 Montessori Work Time where children choose from any of the available work–choosing from the ones they’ve been given a lesson.





 Nap time for children 


End of basic school day 


Optional “After School” time for children with working parents (extra cost).